Ashiv Dhondea

An engineer who likes maths and software development.

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About Me!

Hey there, I am Ashiv. I’m an engineer. I did a research master’s in the Radar Remote Sensing Group at the University of Cape Town. My master’s research project concerned developing mission planning software for tracking space debris with a radar system which we envisage building in the future.

I have taught myself a fair bit of programming, astrodynamics, target tracking and numerical methods. I plan on showcasing some of the simulation software that I’ve built over the years here. You can take a look at what I’ve been doing on my GitHub page.


December 2018 MSc(Eng) in Radar, University of Cape Town.
December 2014 BSc(Eng) Hons in Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town. Graduated with honours


Data Science, target tracking, radar engineering, computational science and engineering, software development, and astrodynamics.